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  • Diversity Week Fife 2016 - 'Modern Families'

    Monday 05 September to Sunday 11 September 2016

    Fife Centre for Equalities is proud to be co-ordinating Diversity Week Fife for the second year in a row. Diversity Week Fife is all about working together with partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of life in Fife.

    We aim to do this by actively promoting mutual appreciation and inclusiveness - highlighting and showcasing the many and varied communities and customs in the area - from well-known Scottish traditions to newer cultural interests. This year, Diversity Week Fife celebrates modern families.

    Here's some information about this year's Diversity Week Fife, and why it's such an important event in Fife's cultural calendar:

    Why is Diversity Week Fife so important?
    • Fife has an increasingly diverse population with a wide range of social and cultural activities - some traditional, some more modern. Diversity Week is all about embracing and respecting this, as well as raising awareness.
    • Everyone in Fife has something to offer - it doesn't matter what your story is or where you came from; you're a valued part of the community.
    • The diversity and variety of people and culture here has a positive impact on how we live life in Fife. The Diversity Week planning team want to demonstrate this through a varied, entertaining and informational programme of events.

    What's happening during Diversity Week Fife 2016?
    • 05 September: Nurturing Modern Families Conference at Fife Renewables Innovation Centre (Methil) - looking at how to develop flexible services to accommodate different family needs. For updates, join the Facebook event here.
    • 06 September to 11 September: a wide range of community events covering different interests, cultures, musical tastes, topics and geographical areas. In addition, local organisations are encouraged to host coffee mornings/afternoons or lunches to encourage people in their neighbourhoods to get to know one another.
    • 11 September: Diversity Gala at Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy. A finale to bring together performers and entertainers from across Fife to display the diverse talents as well as to celebrate a successful week. For updates, join the Facebook event here.

    Download a PDF file with the full programme of events for Diversity Week 2016.

    Why celebrate Modern Families this year?
    A family is the basic unit in society, traditionally regarded as two parents rearing their children. However, the 21st century showcases a variety of family units, e.g. children are also often raised in single parent homes, by grandparents, step-parents, carers, or by same sex parents. Some families opt to have no children, or cannot have children. In addition to a more universal family definition, there are also plenty of people who consider a group of friends to be family, and adults who consider pets as defining members of the family unit.

    By celebrating the modern families that exist in Fife, we are building a positive picture of Fife's modern and diverse population.

    Modern Families in Fife - key facts:
    • There are an estimated 160,952 households in Fife; 32% of those are single-person households with 19% aged under 65.
    • There are over 88,500 families living in households.
    • Of these, 14% are married or same sex civil partnership couples with dependent children, 20% are married or same sex civil partnership couples with no dependent children.
    • 4% are cohabiting couples with dependent children and 6% are cohabiting couples without dependent children.
    • Lone parents made up 11% of the family households in Fife; 7% with dependent children and 4% with non-dependent children.
    • In 2015, in the UK as a whole, women accounted for 90% of lone parents with dependent children and men the remaining 10%.
    • Of families with dependent children, step-families make up 8% of married couple families and 29% of cohabiting couple families.

    What can you do today to support Diversity Week?
    • Book your place at the Nurturing Modern Families conference.
    • Tell family, friends and colleagues about Diversity Week and encourage them to get involved, come along to some of the events, and celebrate Diversity Week Fife 2016.

    Get in touch today to let us know how you'd like to be involved - e-mail [email protected], call 01592 645 310, like our Facebook page, or join the Diversity Week Fife 2016 event.

    Diversity Week, a stand-alone, Fife-wide programme of events and activities, was previously planned and organised by Fife Council's Equalities Unit. In 2015, this responsibility was passed to Fife Centre for Equalities, who remains the main coordinator for 2016.

    Diversity Week Fife 2016 Planning Group:
    The planning group is made up of partners from the following organisations: Fife Centre for Equalities, Fife Council, NHS Fife, Police Scotland, Cultural Trust, Fife College Student Union and Fife Youth Arts.

    About Fife Centre for Equalities:
    Fife Centre for Equalities aims to build a collective voice to champion equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice across Fife and beyond.

    Fife Centre for Equalities is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Scotland No. 538028 and registered Scottish Charity No. SCO44683.

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