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Creative Breaks Fund

  • Fife Voluntary Action provides funding to carers to enable them to take a short break from their caring responsibilities.

    • Are you a carer in need of a break?
    • Do you live in Fife?
    • Do you care for a person who is 20+?

    Unpaid carers in Fife can get up to £300 to help them get a break from their caring commitments.

    Now into its fourth year, the Creative Breaks Fund run by Fife Voluntary Action, in partnership with Fife Carers Centre, Crossroads and Fife Young Carers is aimed at unpaid carers in Fife. The Scottish Government's Time to Live Fund provides funding through Shared Care Scotland to support to carers in their highly valued role to enable them to take a short break from their caring responsibilities.

    Carers can decide themselves what would provide that ’break’- be it a straightforward holiday
    somewhere special; driving lessons to support them getting out and about or the technology
    to help them keep in touch with relatives and friends - whatever works for the carer.

    Do you need some time to yourself, or time with the person you care for where you have the chance to break out of your normal routine?
    Is your caring role affecting your ability to enjoy life?
    Are you experiencing stress that is influencing your own mental wellbeing?
    Is your caring role fragile and at risk of collapse?
    Then you are eligible for Creative break funding of up to £300.

    The funding can be used to help with a range of costs associated with short breaks, including
    technology, driving lessons, courses, transport, accommodation, leisure activities and supported holidays.

    Decide for yourself what kind of break would suit you and your individual needs and then complete an application form and return it to us for consideration.

    You can download the following from this website:

    Guidance Notes (PDF file)
    Application Form (PDF file)

    You can apply at any time - there are no deadlines, however this Fund is currently scheduled to end in September 2018. Priority will be given to caring relationships under strain and those carers whose wellbeing and health would benefit from a break.
    If you have any problems downloading the form or have any initial queries regarding the Time to Live Funding, please contact Bailey Anderson on 0800 389 6046.

    You can also talk to:
    Fife Carers Centre - 01592 642999
    Fife Young Carers - 01592 223893
    Crossroads - 01592 610540

    How can I Find out about short breaks?
    Shared Care Scotland has a national directory of short breaks. This can help with ideas and demonstrating the different options that exist for Carers.

    About Time To Live Funding
    The Scottish Government has made the Creative Breaks Fund available to help support and sustain carers (including young carers and kinship carers) through enabling better access to short breaks or respite care. The Fund will be used to help develop existing, new and innovative models of short breaks which will help to support current and future provision of short breaks and respite care. The funding is designed to support a 'preventative' approach to short break provision, recognising the importance of planned breaks in promoting good health and wellbeing for carers and those they care for.

    Time to Live Funding has the following aims:
    • Carers and those they care for will have improved physical and emotional wellbeing;
    • Carers will have more opportunity to live a life outside of caring;
    • Carers will be better able to keep going with their caring roles;
    • Carers with little support will have more opportunity to access breaks.

    The funding can help with a range of costs associated with short breaks, including transport, accommodation, leisure activities and supported holidays.

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